Sigma sports app

Sigma Sport is a German manufacturer of electronic sports equipment. One of their most popular products are the GPS computers used in the Tour De France by some of the pro teams. This project is still in progress. Check back soon for the full update.

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IntelliCup is a IOT developed quick and cashless beverage dispensing system which can be retrofitted into an existing cold chain or made into mobile units. It replaces a draft pouring tap and is already in initial stage operations in the USA, UK, South Africa. The desktop app was designed to clearly show the data available.

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Home Choice

HomeChoice Pty Ltd is the largest home shopping retailer in Southern Africa. The app was part of the ChoiceCollect project to empower agents with a single app to track parcel deliveries, complete daily checklists and access eWallet earnings. As lead UX designer, I worked with a team to conduct Stakeholder interviews, helped establish the MVP for launch, conducted user interviews and designed the wireframes and final UI.

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